Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Twitter Tips!

For anybody using twitter to market their business it is always tempting to immediately begin to promote their goods and services right away! However in a social network community like this you will get more for your efforts by placing your emphasis on making friends. The very idea behind ‘networking’ to begin with is to establish common grounds with others, and then share your interests. In order to do this, you must first get the attention of other twitter users, but in a disarming and friendly way. Your approach needs to be a likable and casual one since the key is to put others at ease with your presence. Remember, at most online communities you are an intruder until such time that people feel comfortable enough with you to accept you into ‘their’ community!
Here are 3 tips on how to approach people on twitter that will help you ‘break the ice’ more quickly thus allowing you to begin promoting your goods and services.
If the opportunity presents itself when you have the chance to lend a little humor to any exchange do so. Who does not like to smile or laugh? This also helps to quickly establish you as a more likeable individual with the other people on twitter. Remember, friends is what you want to establish and this is an important first step in doing so!
Using humor is a great way to gain the favor of others as we mentioned above but insight will also help you to gain respect. By adding an insightful comments people will tend to regard as somebody who has something unique to offer and this will make you more interesting to other twitter users. Even if others do not agree with what you said, you have still caught their attention nonetheless!
By displaying a little understanding as to what others may have said or even feel, you are demonstrating a very human side to your personality. This will help you become all the more engaging to people since they know you are not only understanding but likely compassionate as well! This is when you really begin to relate to others at these online communities and also when you know you have been accepted by them! Now is the time when you can begin to tactfully make ‘suggestions’ about products or services of yours. Be careful however not to focus too much on business or you will diminish the relationships you have already developed!
Using twitter to help promote a business and/or generate traffic can be tricky and frustrating if you do not focus on ‘connecting’ with other twitter users. The people you find at most any social network community do not like ‘renegade marketers’ who bust onto the scene interrupting conversations with their sales pitches. It is wise to be mindful of the fact that these online communities are primarily for casual socializing, so as they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do! You want to achieve two things and that is to get the attention of other people on twitter and then to gain their acceptance. Then and only then will your marketing efforts ‘bear fruit’ and this may take time. The 3 suggestions offered here serve to put you in a position to get noticed more quickly by reflecting a likable and/or helpful personality. Once you have achieved this status of acceptance, your ability to more effectively promote anything to other people on twitter will increase dramatically.

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